Dummy Product Page


On the Shopify platform, all products have product pages which can be found on your Shopify admin dashboard under Products > All products.
As dummy products are the placeholders for real bundle products, they have product pages all the same. However, the data on these dummy product pages does not reflect the accurate figures for the real bundle products.
Do not alter the data on your dummy product pages; doing so will disturb the functionality of the app.
In spite of this, the dummy product page and its data is essential and must exist:
  • It allows your bundle to show up in search results
  • It allows you to share the bundle in newsletters and on social media
  • It allows you to display your bundle as part of a Collection.
For more information on the difference between real bundle products and dummy products, read our guide.

Bundle Page vs. Dummy Product Page

When attempting to edit your bundle page, it's important to ensure that you change the settings through the Bundle Builder app, and not through the bundle's dummy product on the Products page within your Shopify admin dashboard.
Editing your dummy product page will not alter your bundle page.
Correct: editing your bundle page through Apps > Bundle Builder > Bundles. ❌ Incorrect: editing your bundle page through the dummy product under Products > All products.
In order to understand what to do when it comes to editing your bundle page, it's useful to understand what not to do: do not attempt to edit your bundles through the dummy product page.

Finding the Dummy Product Page

The dummy product page looks like any other product page, and can be found via the dummy product on your Shopify Admin dashboard under Products > All products.
Shopify Admin > Products > All products
This dummy product will have the same name as your bundle, and will be listed as the exclusive product type Custom Bundle.
To access the dummy product page, select the dummy product.

Dummy Page Data Appearing Incorrect

While the dummy product page looks like any other product page, you will notice that some data on this page may appear incorrect. This is called dummy data, which consists of data within the following sections of the dummy product page:
  • Pricing
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Variants
Dummy data is incorrect because the numbers associated with the bundle product are generated on the fly from customer interactions with the bundles. They don’t accurately reflect your actual inventory - just the potential available number of bundles at any moment in time.
While it may be natural to want to edit this data to make it 'correct', it does not accurately reflect the bundle's real data and must not be touched.
Data on the dummy product page is random; even if the data on your dummy product page appears incorrect, this does not mean the data on your bundles is incorrect.
The figures present here are replaced with the correct data when the customer uses the bundle page.
The real bundle product data - such as the shipping price, inventory numbers, or total price - can only be edited through the app; as long as the data is correct within Apps > Bundle Builder, your bundles will function successfully regardless of what the dummy data says.
Do not delete the dummy product or alter its data, even if it appears incorrect - it must exist and be left alone in order for the app to function correctly.
Shopify requires this dummy data to be present for each product, even though the figures attached to this page are randomly allocated. Therefore, it is essential that you do not make modifications to this data on the dummy product page, as the correct price will always be applied to the bundle page.

Dummy Products Visibility

On your dummy product page, the Product availability will need to be set to 'available'.
This is because, as the dummy product is a placeholder for the real product, making the dummy product visible on your sales channel avoids any 'out-of-stock' errors showing at the checkout. To edit this:
  1. 1.
    Within your Shopify admin dashboard, go to Products > All products.
  2. 2.
    Select the dummy product for your bundle.
  3. 3.
    Under Product availability on the right-hand sidebar, select Manage.
  4. 4.
    Select the checkbox stating Online Store, and click Done.
  5. 5.
    Scroll to the bottom, and click Save.
How to set your dummy product as 'available' on its product page.
To learn more about how to set the availability of your dummy products within collections, read our guide.

Editing Search Engine Previews

Another use of the dummy product page is editing the search engine listing information - click here to learn how to edit the search engine preview.