Building a Bundle

The app process works as follows:

Previously, your individual products are firstly created in your Shopify admin area, outside of the app:

These are then chosen to be part of a bundle's options when you create your bundle inside the app itself.

Once these options are added as part of the bundle, customers will see these on the storefront, choosing which components they wish to add, assembling the final bundle and adding to cart.

This front-end area where customers create their bundle is called the Bundle configuration page and the app requires this to operate correctly.

Bundles cannot be created from a standard Shopify 'product page' and the configuration page must not be skipped in any way - the app will then not function correctly.

For example, these options will not work:

  • Jumping straight to cart by using "quick shop" options as part of your theme

  • Jumping straight to cart on collections pages via custom coding

Here is an example of our demo store so you can see the app (and the required bundle configuration page) in action: