Shipping & Tax


You can enable bundle shipping fees and make your bundles eligible for taxation.

Note: Currently, Bundle Builder does not support Local Pickup.

However, this will take into account the costs and location as set through your Shopify settings, so it's important to ensure these are correctly set up:

To edit your shipping settings within Shopify:

  1. Within your Shopify admin dashboard, go to Settings.

  2. Click Shipping and delivery.

  3. Under Delivery methods at checkout > Shipping, select Manage rates.

To then edit the tax and shipping preferences through Bundle Builder:

  1. Go to Bundles.

  2. Select the bundle that you would like to edit.

  3. Select Shipping & Tax.

Shipping & Tax Options

Under Bundles > Shipping & Tax, you have the following options:

  • Taxable - this allows you to make your bundles eligible for taxation (you cannot change this setting once your bundle has been created).

  • Requires shipping (when creating a Single SKU Bundle only) - this allows you to enable costs on sending or shipping products to other countries. When this option is selected, Bundle Builder will use the default shipping options/charges that are applied in your Shopify theme's product settings.

The option to make your bundle Taxable cannot be changed once your bundle has been created.

You also have the option of entering the following information:

  • SKU (when creating a Single SKU Bundle only) - this allows you to input the Stock Keeping Unit for the bundle product.

  • Vendor - this allows you to input the name of the vendor.

  • Variant prefix - this allows you to change the prefix before the bundle number - this is generally used as a reference number that the customer can quote (for example, if they need to make a return).

To learn more about editing variant prefixes, please read our guide.

Applying Shipping to your Bundle

Multiple and Single SKU both act differently, when it comes to Shipping your bundles. These costs appear at the Checkout stage, however the information pulled for this is different for each SKU type.

Multiple SKU - Takes into account each profile set at the individual product settings.

Single SKU - Only applies the general shipping information (or default), set to the store.

Shipping Locations

Bundle Builder currently only support's the Default Shipping Location set within your Shopify Admin Space.

We are looking into adding support for Multiple Shipping Locations.

You will need to limit your Bundles to only contain products available at your Default Shipping Location at this time.

Calculating Bundle Weights

For more information on shipping and weights, we recommend taking a look at Shopify's help pages:

As long as your products are correctly set up with the correct weight in Admin > Products, Bundle Builder will assign the correct shipping weight at the checkout.

Therefore, there is no need to add the weight of your bundles manually to your Dummy Product Page - doing so can even result in your bundle weights showing as incorrect.

We do not recommend manually adding the weight of the bundle to the Dummy Product Page, as this may disrupt the app's functionality.