Conditions are criteria and limits that you can set for your bundle - you can define maximum and minimum conditions for products and prices of your overall bundle:

  1. Go to Bundles.

  2. Select the bundle that you would like to edit.

  3. Select Conditions.

Setting conditions under Bundles > Conditions will apply these limits to the whole bundle.

To set conditions for an individual section, go to Bundles > Products and follow our guide on Multiple Sections.

When you set multiple conditions for your bundle, all of these conditions must be satisfied before the bundle can be purchased - the Add to cart button on the bundle page will be disabled until the conditions are met.

Setting Your Conditional Criteria

To set these conditions, simply click Add a rule:

For each rule, you have an option of five criteria to choose from:

  1. Bundle price

  2. Bundle price (before discount)

  3. Total number of products

  4. Amount of one product

  5. Number of different products

These criteria are then controlled by five conditional operators:

  1. Less than or equal to

  2. Equal to

  3. Greater than or equal to

  4. Less than

  5. Greater than

Bundle price

This is where you can set an overall bundle value which a customer must reach when adding their products to the bundle after any discounts have been applied.

Bundle price (before discount)

This is where you can set an overall bundle value which a customer must reach when adding their products to the bundle before any discounts are applied.

Total number of products

This is where you can set how many items need to be added in total before the bundle can be added to cart.

Amount of one product

You can use this option to make it essential for customers to hit your rule of any product being added a certain amount of times (although it is not possible to target a specific product through this rule).

Number of different products

This is where you can control when a bundle must consist of different types of products (or, on the contrary, just the one type).

Further Options

Preventing Bundle Overfilling

To prevent your customers from exceeding the limitations set by your conditions, you have the option to select Disable overfilling.

This disables the Add buttons on the bundle once the customer has reached the conditional limit, but it does not apply to set prices.

Displaying a Bundle Limit Message

Additionally, to let customers know why they can no longer add items to their bundle, select Show bundle limit message - this will display a warning message when a bundle limit has been reached.

This option only applies to bundles which have disabled overfilling.

Disabling Section Navigation

Finally, if your bundle has multiple sections, you will be given the option to Disable section navigation. This allows you to disable the Next and Previous buttons until the conditions of each section are met, giving your customers clearer guidance on what needs to be added to their bundles.

This is enabled by default for new bundles, but you have the option to change this setting when creating or editing your bundle.

Applying Conditions to Sections

When setting conditions under Bundles > Conditions, these will be applied to the whole bundle. However, if your bundle has Multiple Sections, you are able to apply conditions at each section.

To learn how to do this, please click here to read our guide on adding limits to Multiple Sections.