Reports Module

The Reports module gives you a detailed overview of all your bundle order data, and allow you to download a CSV export of all your bundle data.

The quick view dashboard will show you the last 30 days bundle data on page load, specifically;

- total bundle revenue figures

- number of bundles sold

- number of unique bundle configurations

- best selling products in your bundles

The detailed bundle order information table will show you all your individual bundle orders, including order number, customer details, order status and bundle contents. With quick links direct to the bundle admin page, the order page and the bundle contents product listings. You can filter the data range and export the data, customising the information so that you only get the information you need.

This should be possible if navigating to:

  1. Admin

  2. Apps

  3. Bundle Builder

  4. Reports, in the upper left corner of the menu.

  5. Export

  6. Here you can customise the export information to your personal preferences by clicking "Export" and then "customise export".

Agile help - Export custom

Currently available export details:

  • Internal ID

  • Created at

  • Customer ID

  • Customer Name

  • Order ID

  • Order Number

  • Email

  • Shipping Address

  • Name

  • Shipping Company

  • Shipping Address Line 1

  • Shipping Address Line 2

  • Shipping Address City

  • Shipping Address Province

  • Shipping Address Country

  • Shipping Address Postal Code

  • Shipping Phone Number

  • Shipping All

  • Notes Status

  • Financial Status

  • Fulfillment Status

  • Internal Bundle ID

  • Bundle SKU

  • Bundle Name

  • Product IDs (grouped)

  • Variant IDs (grouped)

  • Product Titles (grouped)

  • SKUs (grouped)

  • Barcodes (grouped)

  • Selected variants by SKU (multiple fields)

You'll need to sync your order data the first time you visit the page to activate the data fields. This may take a few minutes - depending on the number of bundle orders you have.

Additional options

Keep in mind, there is also the option of using the Shopify admin area's export option, outside that of the app:

1) Admin 2) Orders 3) Export


1) Admin 2) Orders 3) Analytics