Adding Products to a Single Page


Through Bundle Builder, you can select both optional and required products to add to your single page bundle:
  1. 1.
    Go to Bundles.
  2. 2.
    Select the bundle that you would like to edit.
  3. 3.
    Select Products.
Adding products to a bundle with a single page is different from one with multiple sections. To instead learn about how to add products to a multiple sections bundle, please read our guide:
It is essential that the products you add to your bundle do not use a third-party service to house their variants (e.g. Printful), as Bundle Builder will not function without access to the correct information from Products within your Shopify admin.

Adding Products to a Bundle

Under Bundles > Products, there are two different ways you can select products for your Single Page bundle: by selecting each product individually, or by importing a collection.

Adding Individual Products

You can add products to your bundle one-by-one by clicking Add products.
Select your chosen products, and then click Add.

Adding Collections to Bundles

Alternatively, you can add products to your bundle from a collection by selecting Import products from collection:
Simply select the collection you would like to import, and click Add.
When a collection is imported into your bundle, this is a one-time import only - this means that any changes to your collection products won't be reflected within your bundle.
You also have the option to delete specific products from your bundle by selecting Remove, in addition to selecting specific variants by selecting Add a variant.

Adding Variants of Products

You can also choose to add variants of your selected products to your bundle.
These variants will then be listed as separate products on the bundle:

Adding Required Products

‌Under Required products, you will have the option to add products which are part of the bundle by default and cannot be removed from the customer's cart - you can do this by selecting Add required products.
🌟 Tip: For bundles containing required products, we recommend optimizing your settings: 1. Go to Settings > Design. 2. Scroll to Show bundle contents in overlay, and ensure it is not selected. 3. Scroll to Show bundle contents at all times, and select it.

Add Variants of Required Products

Here, you can choose to add variants of your selected products - you can also add the required quantity of a product (or product variant) by heading to Add a variant.
If you would like the base price to be displayed in your bundle summary, select Show base price.
Base price = the total price of required products in the bundle, minus any fixed discount you have applied.

Removing Required Products

If you go into Admin > Products and select Delete product for a product which is being used as a required product for one of your bundles, your bundle product will be kept in place but will no longer work properly. In this case, you will receive an email notifying you.
Your bundle product will no longer work properly if you delete one of its required products.
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