Creating Multiple Sections


Unlike the Single page bundle structure where all products are listed together on the same page, the Multiple sections bundle structure allows you to break up the bundling process into distinct steps or categories.

Enabling multiple sections is only possible when you are creating a new bundle, and therefore cannot be applied to a pre-existing bundle.

You are not able to change the bundle structure once the bundle has been created.

To create a bundle with multiple sections:

  1. Go to Bundles > Create a new bundle.

  2. Under Setup, scroll down to Bundle Structure.

  3. Select Multiple sections.

To edit the sections on a pre-existing bundle:

  1. Go to Bundles.

  2. Select the bundle that you would like to edit.

  3. Select Products.

Creating a New Section

Under Bundles > Products, you can select products for each of your multiple sections by going to Sections, and clicking Edit Sections.

Here you can edit your Section Name, which is what your customers will see for that section of your bundle in the checkout and in email notifications - you will also be able to enter the Description for this section.

Adding Products to Your Section

By selecting Add products, you will then be able to select products for that specific section. Once you are happy with the products you have chosen, click Add.


Having added the products to your section, you will then have the option to add limits for that specific section by going to Limits and clicking Add a rule.

For each rule, you have an option of four criteria to choose from:

  1. Bundle price

  2. Total number of products

  3. Amount of one product

  4. Number of different products

Bundle price

This is where you can set the bundle value - in order for the customer to proceed onto the next section, the conditions of the bundle price must be met.

Total number of products

This is where you can set how many items need to be added in total before the bundle can be added to the cart.

Amount of one product

You can use this option to make it essential for customers to hit your rule of any product being added a certain amount of times (although it is not possible to target a specific product through this rule).

Number of different products

This is where you can control when a bundle must consist of different types of products (or, on the contrary, just the one type).

Once any rules have been set, click Save section - after which, you can simply Add a new section to repeat the process again for your next section.

Conditional Sections

Finally, you are also able to add further Conditional logic under Conditional Sections.

You can then select a rule based on the following options:

  • ANY

  • ALL

  • NONE

By selecting one of the above, you can set a rule for when a product is added to the bundle - select which product this rule applies to by clicking Add a product.

Under THEN HIDE, you can Add a product to hide from a following section of the bundle.

Saving Your Changes

Don't forget to save your changes!

Once you're happy with the conditions you've set, simply click Save at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.