Installing Bundle Builder


Bundle Builder has two types of installation, which can each accommodate different bundle types. These installations effect their respective Bundle type.
The two bundle installation types are:
  • Single SKU Bundle
  • Multiple SKU Bundle
To learn more about these two bundle types, watch our video below:

Before you begin...

Please ensure that the theme you are installing on, is purchased, and not within a trial state. The Installer will not be able to make changes to themes in the trial status. This is due to code being locked for editting, until the theme has been purchased. This is a security feature of the platform, to protect the product.

The Two Installation Types

The two types of installation for Bundle Builder are Automatic Installation (Single SKU installation) and Multiple SKU Bundle Installation (Requires manual installation).
If you undergo the Automatic Installation:
  • ✅ You can create Single SKU Bundles
  • ❌ You cannot create Multiple SKU Bundles.
If you manually complete the Multiple SKU Bundle Installation:
  • ✅ You can create Single SKU Bundles
  • ✅ You can also create Multiple SKU Bundles.

Choosing a Bundle Type Before Installation

You're free to complete the manual Multiple SKU Bundle Installation at a later date, therefore keeping your options open and letting you create both Single SKU Bundles and Multiple SKU Bundles once the installation is complete.
However, we strongly advise looking into what kind of bundles you would like to create before you install Bundle Builder. This is because once you've created a bundle, you will not be able to change its bundle type at a later date.
Once you've created a bundle, you cannot change its bundle type later.

Which Bundle Type is Right for Me?

To find out which bundle is right for you, click here to read our comprehensive guide on Bundle Types.
Once you have made your decision, please read the relevant guide to complete the installation.

Automatic Installation

To learn how to get started on creating Single SKU Bundles only, read our guide on Automatic Installation:

Multiple SKU Bundle Installation

To learn how to manually complete installation for creating Multiple SKU Bundles, read our guide on Multiple SKU Bundle Installation: