How to Create a Bundle


Once you've installed Bundle Builder, you're only four steps away from your bundles being visible in your store:
  1. 2.
    Correctly set up all the products you wish to add to your bundle.
  2. 4.
    Add the bundle into your store, so that it is visible to your customers.

Before Creating Your Bundle

Choosing a Bundle Type

Before creating your bundle, ensure that you have made an informed decision on whether to create a Single SKU Bundle or a Multiple SKU Bundle, because you will not be able to change this once the bundle has been created.
Ensure that you have chosen the most suitable bundle type for your store before you create your bundle, as you will not be able to change this later.

Setting up Your Products

It's also important to make sure that the details for each product you wish to add to your bundle are set up correctly by heading to Admin > Products.
If your products have variants, ensure that these have already been added into place before you create your bundle - this includes assigning variant images, the weight, and the shipping cost.
It's essential that the products you add to your bundle do not use a third-party service to house their variants (e.g. Printful), as Bundle Builder will not function without access to the correct information from Products within your Shopify admin.
Setting up the correct variant details ensures that:
  • The analytics on your store are accurate
  • The bundle displays the correct images
  • The products in your bundle are split into separate listings for each variant (optional).
For further information on how to add and edit variants, click here.

Creating Your Bundle

Once you have correctly set up the products for your bundle, head to Dashboard > Start a new bundle > Create a bundle to begin.
This will take you to the Bundles page, where you will be taken through the following options: