Choosing a Bundle Type


Bundle Builder offers two types of bundle, allowing you to choose how you want individual products in bundle orders to be processed and fulfilled.

Which Bundle Type is Right for My Store?

The two bundle types are:
To learn more about these two bundle types, watch our video below:

Single SKU Bundles

What is a Single SKU Bundle?

A Single SKU Bundle is when a bundle product is created by the app, and then shown in the cart, order email, and Orders section of your store as a single product.
As the bundle has just one SKU, the contents of each bundle sale are listed as line item properties - and Shopify recognizes the bundle like any other product.
Line item properties are a system controlled by Shopify - they are used to collect customization information for an item added to the cart.

Is a Single SKU Bundle Right for Me?

Single SKU Bundles
  • You want a unique SKU for your bundle product
  • You fulfil your own orders and aren't using any third-party fulfillment apps
  • You want to offer discount codes with your bundles
  • You use an app that uses draft orders already.

Multiple SKU Bundles

What is a Multiple SKU Bundle?

A Multiple SKU Bundle is when a bundle product is created by the app, and then shown in the order email, and Orders section of your store as separate products.

Is a Multiple SKU Bundle Right for Me?

A Multiple SKU Bundle is great for merchants who:
  • You use third-party services, such as inventory and fulfilment companies
  • You drop ship your products
  • You need to transfer bundle order data to third-party apps.
  • You sell non-physical products, such as digital services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to offer discount codes with my bundle - which bundle type should I use?

A: Single SKU Bundle. This is because the Multiple SKU Bundle type uses the Shopify Draft Order system as a basis. As soon as this system is used in any given transaction, the Shopify platform will automatically disable the Discount Code bar and only give discount control to the system related to Draft Orders (which, in this case, is the Multiple SKU Bundle type). Therefore, if you would like to offer discount codes with a bundle, please use the Single SKU Bundle type.

Q: I want an itemized breakdown of each product in my bundle - which bundle type would you recommend?

A: Multiple SKU Bundle. While Single SKU Bundles display the items in the bundle as line item properties in the Order Details, Multiple SKU Bundles offer an itemized breakdown that clearly presents all the product details, quantities, and SKUs.

Q: Can a Multiple SKU Bundle be assigned its own SKU?

A: No. Shopify’s main platform works so that only a product can be added to the cart - therefore, Bundle Builder works around this by creating a proxy pseudo-product to represent the complete bundle. This is what we can see in the Cart and under Order Details for a Single SKU Bundle - however, Multiple SKU Bundles replace the proxy pseudo-product bundle with the real Shopify products (and their respective SKUs) at the checkout stage. Therefore, assigning a replacement SKU would be considered redundant.

Q: I'm selling non-physical products - which bundle type should I use?

A: Multiple SKU Bundles. This is because non-physical products function by sending the customer a download link upon purchasing. As Single SKU Bundles use line item properties instead of SKUs for each individual product, Shopify's platform does not have enough information to send and download the product links. Multiple SKU Bundles do not face this issue, and will therefore send your customers the correct downloads as needed.

Comparing Bundle Features

Here is a detailed walkthrough of all of the different features of Single SKU Bundles and Multiple SKU Bundles.
You can use both bundle types for different bundles on your store if necessary.
Single SKU bundle
Multiple SKU bundle
Requires manual installation steps
Uses Shopify’s draft orders functionality
Creates a bundle product with a unique URL in the Product section of your admin
Creates variants
✅ - a variant is created each time a new bundle is purchased.
Inventory is synced
Discount codes can be used
Works with third-party fulfilment apps
☑️ - some
Works for pre-set bundles
Works for fixed price bundles where products are all $0
Can set a unique SKU for your bundle product
Can choose whether you require shipping for the bundle or not
❌ - shipping will be determined by the individual product settings.
Uses Line item properties or Shipping scripts
To find out how to install Bundle Builder for your chosen bundle type, click here.