Bundle Builder
Remove the Bundle Builder app from your store.
To remove Bundle Builder completely, theres a few short steps that need to be proceeded to fully remove the app from your store.

Remove Bundle Builder application

To remove Bundle Builder from the app listing, please navigate to:
  1. 1.
    From your store Admin, navigate to your stores Apps list.
  2. 2.
    Find Bundle Builder and select 'Delete'.

Remove Remnant Bundle Builder files (Optional)

After Bundle Builder is uninstalled, several files will still be present within the theme - even after removal of the app. The app does not automatically remove these. Manually removing the files is required.

The Automated Collection

The automatically created collection "Bundle builder products" containing all bundles. This is incase you wish you return to Bundle Builder at a later date. Without the app, the bundles will cease to function, and the customer will not be able to purchase these.
Merchants often leave this information present on the store, if operating seasonal sales, such as festive periods and limited time deals. If the app is no longer installed, these bundles cannot be accessed and the customer should not be able to purchase.

Individual Files located in the Theme

Locate and remove the `product.bundlebuilder.liquid` file, under Templates. This will located inside your theme files.
You can manually remove this by searching Bundle Builder in your theme liquid and remove it, however this is not necessary to do as it won't affect your store in any way if the file is left untouched.

Exclusive Bundle products with associated variants

Located inside the Products database of your store, there maybe some links to variants in your bundles. However you may wish to leave these, if hoping to return to the Bundle Builder app in the future.
It's recommended that you delete the bundle app before removing the bundle products.


To avoid being charged by Shopify, you'll need to ensure the app is removed from the app listing. Once removed, this informs the Shopify system to stop any charges for the app.
If you've been charged after uninstallation or believe that a charge has been wrongly applied, please contact Shopify support to arrange discussion of a refund as this system is controlled by Shopify.
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