Importing Collections to Bundles

Merchants can upload entire Collections of Products to their newly created Bundles. This allows to Bulk import products, if you intend on your Bundle having a wide range of options.

Sometimes, this process may fail - resulting in a warning displayed, or similar. We've put together the known reasons for this, below in this document.

Troubleshooting Errors

When uploading, you may encounter an error. Theres a couple of reasons why this feature might fail.

Quantity of Products included in the Bundle

Currently, Shopify have a timeout on the request, which is around 30's. If the process takes longer then this specified time, it will fail, and the process will stop and have to be re-attempted. Sadly, theres no work around for this currently, as its a platform implemented restriction. To work around this, you could make a smaller collection, and attempt to import again or manually import products individually, instead.

Storefront password

If there is a storefront password present on the store, this will prevent the items from being imported.