Editing the Bundle Page


The bundle page is where your customers can view, configure, and ultimately purchase a bundle.
It is visible to the public, and functions like any other page template (such as the homepage, product page, and collections page template).
The app creates this page template so that a bundle can exist in its own space, without the theme’s setup affecting it.
Example of a Bundle Page

Accessing Bundles Through the Bundle Page

Do not bypass the bundle page or make your bundle visible to your customers outside the bundle page.
In order for the app to function correctly, it's essential that your customer doesn't interact with the bundle outside the bundle page, and that your bundle is correctly integrated into the storefront.
This includes other apps or services which may allow the customer to add your bundle to the cart by bypassing the bundle page, as this may negatively affect Bundle Builder on your store. Examples of these pre-existing storefront parts include:
❌ Wishlist apps ❌ Theme-powered Quick Buy functionality ❌ Alternative payment gateways
Google Pay, PayPal and other payment providers can be used to complete the transaction process, but only as long as the customer still follows the normal purchase journey from bundle page to Cart to Checkout.

Correctly Editing the Bundle Page

To edit what your customers see on the bundle page:
  1. 1.
    Go into the Bundle Builder app through Apps > Bundle Builder.
  2. 2.
    Go to Bundles, and the select the bundle you wish to edit.
  3. 3.
    Select one of the following options to edit your bundle: Setup, Products, Pricing, Design, Shipping & Tax, or Conditions.

Incorrectly Editing the Dummy Product Page

As the dummy product looks like the real bundle product, many merchants attempt to edit their bundle pages through their dummy product page. However, this is incorrect and will likely stop your bundle functioning properly.
Do not attempt to edit your bundle page through your dummy product page on the Products page within your Shopify admin dashboard.
In order to understand what to do when it comes to editing your bundle page, it's useful to understand what not to do: therefore, please read our guide on dummy product pages.
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