Discounted Price Appearing Incorrectly on Collection Page

The price of a bundle in a collection will show the minimal achievable price for that bundle. So if there are 3 products in your bundle with prices $10, $15, and $20, the bundle product will show a price of $10, as this is the minimal achievable price of that bundle.

However, if you have set limits and/or have required products, then these step in to dynamically calculate the minimal achievable price. For example; if you set a limit of ‘total products = 3’ on this bundle, then the price shown for the bundle would then change to $30 (3x the lowest achievable price of $10).

There are a couple of things that you can do if this pricing is not working for you.

Firstly set a minimum price for the bundle, secondly, if that does not work for your configuration requirements, uncheck the box for ‘show discounted price’ in the bundle admin.

Thirdly you could change the text with custom CSS to say ‘From X price’ indicating to the customer that this is the lowest achievable price and that the price may go up.

Lastly, Bundle builder has to create a product on your store for each new bundle and then each order placed for that bundle creates a variant for it.

This generated product is what is shown on things like your collection page.

This then means that your theme will use the values generated here to show on your store - for example, the lowest and highest price of the product available as if they were standard variants.

By simply deleting the variants that are automatically generated on the products will trigger this to show any updated prices. You'll need to follow these steps:

1. Search 'Custom bundle' in your products 2. Find the product you wish to edit 3. Select all variants and delete 4. If this doesn't trigger it on its own go into your bundle and add it to your cart 5. Go back to the collection page and it should then be updated with current prices