Discount Codes


Discount codes can be added through your Shopify admin space to create fixed value, percentage, or shipping discounts on products, collections, or variants in your store.
However, due to limitations on the Shopify draft orders platform:
✅ Discount codes can be applied to Single SKU Bundles. ❌ Discount codes cannot be applied to Multiple SKU Bundles.

Discount Code Limitations

Restrictions on Draft Orders

The reason discount codes are not possible with Multiple SKU Bundles is because - unlike Single SKU Bundles - this bundle type uses Shopify's system of draft orders.
To learn more about draft orders, read Shopify's guide here.
Shopify does not allow discount codes to be applied to any draft orders, and this unfortunately includes all third-party apps which rely on draft orders to function. This is therefore an obstacle which many third-party apps face when using draft orders - not just Bundle Builder.
To read Shopify's community pages on the limitations of discount codes across all draft order apps, click here.

The Effect on Multiple SKU Bundles

Due to this limitation of the Shopify platform, discount codes therefore cannot be applied to Multiple SKU Bundles.
If you would like to give your customers the option to use a discount code, you must ensure that you are using the Single SKU Bundle type.
To learn more about the differences between Single SKU Bundles and Multiple SKU Bundles, please read our guide on types of bundle.

Alternative Ways to Add Discounts

While discount codes are not available on the Multiple SKU Bundle type, Bundle Builder gives you plenty of alternative options to create both flat and tiered discounts, such as:
  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed discount
  • Fixed price
To learn more, please read our guide on adding discounts to your bundle:
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