Bundle Builder
Cart Drawers
When a customer creates a bundle and proceeds to order it, they should be redirected to your Cart Page by the app by default, even if the theme is set to use the Cart Drawer by standard.
Bundle Builder was designed to integrate into the theme's Cart Page primarily. Any other format of drawer will not work without a custom integration, usually involving Javascript This includes the any type of Mini cart, AJAX Drawer, and pop-up types, so you will need to ensure that this process is completed, before using the Bundles with your desired Cart type.
The Cart Page template is standardised across all Shopify themes, so the app's coding can easily and immediately integrate into this as needed.
If the Shopify theme has a Cart Drawer option, this is a feature of the theme and uses a coding setup specific to the theme in question. Sadly, these cannot be used without a custom integration.
If any issues occur with the appearance of the Cart drawer after installing Bundle Builder, please contact your theme developers if further assistance is needed.


For the process of integration of different cart types, customisation maybe needed in order to have them fully operate with the Bundle Builder app. Code changes for this process will include edits to javascript and liquid code already present, and it is recommend to seek a specialist or developer for these tasks.
For more information, please see our advanced guide below.
If any specific information is required to aid the process, please contact us and our support team will be in touch.
Last modified 1yr ago
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