Bundle Price Showing as Incorrect or Zero on Collection Pages


If your bundle price is displaying as incorrect on your collection pages, this can feel concerning - however, there are some simple and easy fixes for this:

❓Why Can Incorrect Pricing Be Displayed?

Bundle prices can appear incorrect occasionally because bundles are configurable by nature, and prices are therefore subject to change.
Therefore, the price shown on collection pages is normally the lowest achievable price of the bundle - and this is unlikely to be representative of the bundle price.
This isn't a page we specifically have control over at Bundle Builder, this is a Theme Page, and our suggestions may require the assistance of your Theme Developer to setup if you aren't comfortable making them yourself.

Disabling Quick Shop Functionality

As customers should always assemble their bundles on the bundle page, Quick Shop functionality is therefore not compatible with the Bundle Builder.
If a bundle's price comes up as zero on your collection pages, it's essential that you disable any Quick Shop functionality to ensure bundles cannot be not added to the cart directly at their displayed price.

Setting a Minimum Bundle Price

To ensure that a bundle price never appears as zero, a simple option is the set a minimum price for your bundle. To do this:
  1. 1.
    Within Bundle Builder, go to Bundles and select the bundle you wish to change.
  2. 2.
    Go to Conditions and click the button Add a rule.
  3. 3.
    From the first drop-down menu, select Bundle price or Bundle price (before discount).
  4. 4.
    From the second drop-down menu, select equal to or greater than or equal to.
  5. 5.
    Enter your minimum price, and click Save.
Setting a minimum bundle price.
If this option isn't suitable for your configuration requirements, uncheck the box for Show discounted price under Pricing.
Preventing the discount price for appearing.

Overwriting the Incorrect Bundle Price

If your bundle price is displaying as incorrect on the collection pages, a great option is to replace the incorrect price with custom text through a quick Liquid change.
Example: Where the incorrect price is displayed, replace this with custom text such as: 'Click to Configure' 'Custom Pricing'
Example of custom text where an incorrect price used to be.

Changing the Price to a Text String

Warning: Due to the custom nature of this option, our support team are unable to implement this on your behalf.
If you would like to change the bundle price on the collection page to a text string, please ensure that you are confident with code or able to seek a specialist.
To change the price to a piece of text, you will need to find where the pricing is shown on a collection page within your theme.
This could be in the collection template (templates/collection.liquid), or it might be a snippet (snippets/collection-item.liquid, for example).
If you are having trouble locating where the pricing is shown on a collection page within your theme, we recommend contacting your theme provider.
Next, wrap the pricing in a 'if/else' statement, in a similar structure to below:
{% if product.type == 'Custom Bundle' %}
Click to Configure
{% else %}
// Pricing code goes here
{% endif %}
In this example, the text on line 3 'Click to Configure' will show whenever a product is of type 'Custom Bundle' which is added to all bundle products by default.
If it's not of that product type, it will show your standard pricing, which should be entered on line 7.
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